Earth Series
Stoneware, wild clay, glaze
Palma de Mallorca 2018 – 2020

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The Earth Series project focuses on the profound research of materials, such as locally dug earth, natural stones, minerals, sea sand or ashes from organic sources. The experimental use of these components in my art projects gives me the opportunity not only to explore the geological resources of specific places but also to delve into the endless sources and create unique textures.

By sourcing and processing natural materials I found a way to physically incorporate the landscape into my work.

Sometimes I manage to get the surface of an antique vessel found on the sea ground, like the ones I saw in my childhood visiting the excavations of the ancient Greek polis Chersonesus, located on the territory of my hometown. Ceramics as a medium gives me a feeling of connection to the past and links my art to ancient human history.

It could be a memory of a place that inspires me, bright moss color on a naked cold stone and its tactile texture, or the material by itself that I’m trying to understand and to discover how different elements interact with each other. I consider clay not just as functional material for creating objects, but as a holistic subject with its own physicality and vocabulary.

Experimenting with clay and natural materials is my constant dialog with surroundings and my strive to merge with our environment.

Intricate coastal nature serves as the foundation of my work: a volcano-sedimentary sequence of rock patterns, highly varied sandstone colorful palette, tangible aesthetics of the surfaces.

Arina Antonova Studio
visits by appointment only
07001 Palma de Mallorca