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Body Sculptures

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'Call for action' is a series of sculptural pieces that should be activated through physical interaction and instinctive expression of a movement or gesture.

With the 'call for action' project I'm exploring the tension between constraints and freedom, between strength and vulnerability. Our reality is defined by rules, traditions and borders, but all these can also trigger spontaneous and unexpected reactions.

The pieces are inspired by colourful plastic hoop bracelets from the 90's that I used to find in my mothers jewellery box, they are a metaphor for mefor the epoch of the golden age in the late Soviet Union, when decades of social constraints clashedwith the unleashed new freedoms.

People are invited to interact with these forms, to try them on and to act against constraints of the object by using their own bodies as a tool. They should adapt to the shape, escape the movement restricting structure or surrender and hold still.

They may not fit everyone or be comfortable, I'm offering the wearer the accessories to experience the power of physical bound and to feel the importance of movement without confinement.

This project consists of a set of colourful body sculptures that are calling for performative action: to be worn and involved with semi-restrained movements, evoking a state of flux and struggle.

With every new position on the human body they can generate new movement reactions and positions.

Movement research with contemporary dancer Stella Perniceni

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