«Variable Instructions» exhibition

I am excited to announce my participation in the upcoming «Variable Instructions» exhibition, opening on June 11 from 18-20 pm at the Space 776 Gallery in 37-39 Clinton St. New York. I will be present at the opening night and look forward to sharing this experience with you.

This is the first group exhibition in New York organized by the international community of the Sculpture School @sculpture_school_, founded in 2020 by artist Katerina Sokolovskaya. The «Variable Instructions» exhibition features three-dimensional works, paintings, drawings, and photographs by the artists:
Anna Eiken,
Arina Antonova,
Ekaterina Iliykhina,
Ekaterina Malafey,
Katerina Sokolovskaya,
Ksusha Fedya,
Lilia Trembovetskaya,
Margarita Khatmullina,
Natali Oparina,
Pavlo Grazhdanskij. 

The artists explore the theme of reconstructing reality perception in light of personal and political upheavals associated with changes in political regimes, migration, and personal crises. Each of them refers to their own history, drawing viewers' attention to changes in the perception of their own body, space, and memories.


37-39 Clinton St
1st floor, New York
NY 10002

11 June 18-20:00

Working hours:
till 19 June

Arina Antonova Studio
visits by appointment only
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