Call to Action project at AAA Studio

Coinciding with the celebration of Art Palma Brunch 2024, I will be showcasing my Call to Action project at AAA Studio, my artist-run space. The project features a series of sculptural ceramic pieces designed to be activated through physical interaction and the instinctive expression of movement.

I invited four contemporary dancers to engage with the sculptures, exploring movement and presenting their interactions through short performances during the exhibition opening. The focus of our collaboration is to explore various movements without strict choreographv-an experimental movement research free from rigid structures.

Each dancer will tell a very personal story of interaction with the sculptures. I see this collaboration as a unique opportunity to cultivate a dialoque between two art forms: sculpture and dance.

22 March 6—9 pm

Art Brunch
23 March 11—2 pm

22.03 at 7 pm
23.03 at 1 pm

Additionally, during the opening night, we will present a light installation by the Mallorcan artist Nieves Guri inspired by the Call to Action project.

Contemporary dancers:
Cate Barceló
Aina Genovés
Paola Ormachea
Valentina Russo

Arina Antonova Studio
visits by appointment only
07001 Palma de Mallorca